“Me” Time 

Tomorrow I leave for my annual opera performance pilgrimage–this time taking part in the Napa Music Festival where I will be singing and teaching yoga classes to the faculty and students. As my life began to shift into a path of teaching, both in the world of yoga and the world of vocal pedagogy, I made a pact with myself that I would always carve out time to nurture my own performance aspirations. While continuing to pour thousands of dollars a year (and thousands of miles on my car) into my weekly voice lessons in LA and channeling resources and vacation time into summer training programs feels decadent and self-serving, this is what feeds my soul. Yes, performing and refining my voice has been (and will probably always be) one of my greatest challenges. It continues to be one of my greatest stressors and fear inducers, but it also shapes my mind and my body daily. These stresses and fears forces me to grow, for in comfort, there is stagnation. My life changes each and every time I open my mouth to sing, whether I want it to or not. Singing gives me strength, helps me to adapt to difficult situations, unleashes my passion, and makes me… well, me. 
Sometimes you need to schedule in that “me” time, even if it’s not the traditional “lying on a beach, drinking a piña colada” vacation. If it nurtures you, if it changes you, if it opens you up to the possibility of something greater, do it. You never know where those soul-searching adventures might take you. 

 #yogagivesbackchallenge day 19: Marichasana A. 


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