Each Note is a Blessing

 The life of an opera singer is not for the faint of heart. The hours are long and intensive. Living away from home for long periods of time takes its toll on the body, the mind, and the spirit. This art form forces you to delve deep into your soul and unearth long-buried emotions and experiences. You go for days without rest or break. You are expected to have complete focus, strength, and endurance at all times. If we get wrapped up in the intensity of this fast-paced life, we can become completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what is expected of us. 

But, when we take a step back from the feelings of exhaustion, aggravation, and drama, we can realize what a gift it is simply to be able to sing. Each time we open our mouths to utter our imperfect notes is a blessing. Each time we get up on the stage with the spotlight shimmering in our eyes, we must be grateful. Lots of people wish to be standing on that stage, creating these beautiful tones, and fulfilling their dreams. For many, that dream will never come true. So, let us have gratitude–even in our moments of fatigue and stress. We are so lucky to do what we do.  #backtobackbends challenge day 3: bound side-angle pose.


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