Time Will Pass Anyway

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” -Earl Nightingale
This past year, I’ve been debating putting my vocal aspirations on hold. My vocal journey has been a long, difficult struggle filled with tears, frustration, and exhaustion. After all this time, I thought that since I haven’t “made it” as a singer, maybe it wasn’t worth it to continue pouring thousands of dollars and hours of practice into my voice. So many artists find themselves in this situation time after time. We put such high standards on ourselves. Our dreams and aspirations seem beyond our achievement and the pressure becomes too much to bear. It’s in these times that I stop and reflect on my connection to music and its place in my life. 

This year, though, I was forced to take a break from my vocal career through a more than two-month hiatus due to injury and illness. All that time away from the art form which I had poured my heart and soul into for most of my life made me realize how much I missed that aspect of myself. Without being able to sing, I lacked my emotional releas. I missed that catharsis, that challenge, that creative outlet. Without singing, I did not feel like myself. 

As I slowly pull my body and my voice back together, I return to singing with a new understanding of exactly WHY I am doing this. I don’t need to “make it” in order to consider myself a singer. I need to sing to feel like myself again. I need to sing because, through all the frustration, the tears, and the fear, I find that I enjoy it. It is such a freeing realization that I don’t need more from my voice than to enjoy the act of singing. So, here’s to my dreams and the time it takes to achieve them.  



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