Making It

“‘Making it’ is whatever gives your life balance and happiness.” -Renée Fleming 
Everyday I’m learning to accept where I am in my life as a singer, a yogi, and a person. There was a time when I felt I was a failure if I weren’t surviving financially as a vocalist. I believed I was letting people down by not winning competitions or landing roles in auditions. I put so much pressure on myself as a singer that I forgot to enjoy the process of my life. These days, I’m finding a more balanced attitude to singing. I divide my days between teaching yoga, running a large private vocal studio, and continuing self-exploration of my voice. I’ve found as much fulfillment as a teacher passing the art form on to others as I feel performing on a grand stage. Though I don’t get to perform as often as I had once dreamed, I continue to refine my craft and am returning to the pure and simple joy of singing. By finding balance and happiness in my life while still continuing my work as a singer, I feel I am “making it”… even if I never sing at the Met….

 #bloomingyogis challenge day 20: #boundsideangle #sideanglepose   


One thought on “Making It

  1. It’s crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves to live up to standards we create in our heads. And that pressure usually makes us forget the joy we find in doing the things we are passionate about. I’m happy to hear you’re able to find that joy in your singing again.

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