30 till I’m 30 

Day 1: 

Today I am grateful to be turning 30 because I get to live out big dreams and goals every day. I get to choose what I spend my hours on. I get to choose which projects I take part in. I get to choose to perform both classical and musical pieces on said CD. I get to have control of my life. That freedom is bliss. 

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for my second annual holiday CD project. I dedicated hundreds of hours over the past few months to recording, editing, and designing my CD (other than my mom who was so kind to listen to my instructions, point the camera, and press the button.) 

I’m not doing it for fame…and definitely not for fortune. I’m spending that time working away because it’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s hopefully adding some joy to the lives of those who purchase or are gifted my CDs. Mostly, though, I’m doing it for me–because I can and because I want to. I explained to someone earlier that my life feels listless and dull if I don’t have an artistic project to focus on, so I am grateful to now have the freedom to fund these projects and see my creative vision come to fruition. Yeah, being 30 might not be so bad.

#hippyhalloween challenge day 1: #badhakonasana 

I always get a little loopy during my CD album photo shoots… But yoga saves the day and keeps me centered and giggly as I have to smile and look pretty for a few hours. ☺️


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