25 till I’m 30

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will always want to hug a stuffed animal at the end of a very bad day…and that’s ok. It’s just comforting and it makes me feel better, so why not enjoy a little teddy bear cuddle time? I grew up in love with soft, squishy bears. They followed me everywhere-on planes, to the grocery store, to the doctor. Around the age of 10, people started giving me a hard time about always having a stuffed buddy along for the ride. They told me I was too old to carry around a teddy, so I started to leave my bears behind as I began to “grow up.” 

When I headed to college, I couldn’t decide if I would bring a bear with me. I didn’t want to look like child and I worried what others would think, so I ended up leaving my trusty bears at my childhood home. There were so many times when the stress of college life was breaking me down and I just wanted a teddy bear to hug, but I had to appear “cool” and grown up, so all I could hug was a pillow– which is just not the same. 

The thing is, adults can get just as much joy out of stuffed animals as children. Now that I’m nearing my 30th year, I am more comfortable with my love for all things fuzzy. Who cares what other people think? Teddy bears are awesome. 

Recently, Thomas Griep, the amazing pianist and cabaret coach (who I have now turned into a yogi), sent me music for an adorable piece called “Requiem for a Bear” because the storyline made him think of me. The song is a delightful ode to a child’s love for a teddy bear named Mr. Fritz who has finally worn out past the point of repair. I am honored that he cared enough to share this heartwarming piece with me. You can listen to my version of Requiem for a Bear here. I dedicate this song to all those cuddly teddy bears have brought me peace on those no good, very bad days. 


2 thoughts on “25 till I’m 30

  1. Well I have my big bear story I need to share with you!

    Several years ago I saw a big teddy bear sticking out of a recycle garbage can near where I live. I took it home with me. It had two red hearts on it that said “Heart to Heart.” It looked clean and so I adopted it and put it on one of our couches.

    The next day I drove past the place where I got the bear and told the woman in the front yard that I took it. She said that she dumped the bear because she had gotten dumped by her boyfriend. They were no longer “Heart to Heart!”

    But now one of my two kitties has adopted this big teddy bear! Phoebe cat loves it so much and every day plants herself against it. She loves to dough on her bear’s belly! They are now definitely “Heart to Heart.!!!!

    I also am “Heart to Heart” with my two indoor only kitties! I cuddle them every day. They have brought so much joy to my heart!!!

    With kitty and teddy bear love,
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nancy Koren

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