11 till I’m 30

Today I am grateful for the fact that I feel equally at home amongst 10 year olds as I do with adults; and I enjoy my time with both. My work with each helps me to see all the facets of my personality. Through my voice lessons and yoga classes, I meet people from all walks of life, all personality types, all energy levels, and all ages. But, I’ve realized that, while the teaching style may change, the information given remains fairly constant. Just as the yoga poses are the same whether you call it a “savasana” or a “snug as a bug,” so too the vocal mechanism is the same whether you tell someone to “produce more abdominal awareness through the friction created by a z-sound” or “let’s make the sound of a bee!” The more I work, share, and laugh with all ages of students, the more I realize that we’re more alike than we admit. Those inner children don’t go away. We just sometimes stifle them. So, here’s to being ridiculous, learning new things, keeping your childlike curiosity, and being playful with your body and voice. My littlest students may wear me out, but they keep me young. My older students may stretch my vocabulary and intellectual ability, but they keep me researching and training. I am greatful to each an every one of them for the lessons they have taught me. 

Go ahead, be silly. It’s more fun that way. 


One thought on “11 till I’m 30

  1. I have been teaching music, mostly piano, for 56 years! Now at age 77 I’m still loving it, although I don’t have as many students as I did. As you are getting older, you are seeing yourself evolve as a teacher, as have I. My studio started out very simple in my early 20’s, but now I have two big grand pianos and it is great!

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