Tuneful Tuesday Week 10: I Can Sing A Song

This Sunday my vocal studio has their annual recital. 25 of my students, of various ages, styles, and levels, will take the stage to share their progress and their love of music with the community. As their instructor, I am both excited and nervous for them. Performing is such an intense experience. When you’re successful, it can lift you up and make you realize you have a strength and courage that you never thought possible. However, if you’re performance is not as successful as you’d like, it can break you down, make you feel inadequate, and make it difficult to keep the drive to move forward. This week, I am doing everything in my power to prepare my students both technically and emotionally so that they’ll enjoy the process and continue to love singing. In honor of their performance, here’s a silly song I wrote to help my youngest students remember the meanings of various musical terms. Can you figure them all out?



2 thoughts on “Tuneful Tuesday Week 10: I Can Sing A Song

  1. Nancy Koren says:

    Good Marissa! You make it fun for the kids!! Now at almost age 78 I’m not teaching nearly as many piano students. My teaching started many decades ago! Now you have likely have seen my teaching studio with my two grands and maybe my two indoor only cats! My students used to have large recitals at Cal Poly in room 218, but now I have them in my home studio where I can just pack in about 35 people! As I’m sure that you already know, life keeps evolving. I can tell you really love teaching! Great!!

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