Tuneful Tuesday Week 72: Hexenlied- Mendelssohn

I performed this piece at my Jr. Recital at USC a long, long time ago. When I thought of doing a Halloween song for my Tuneful Tuesday, I instantly thought of this one, wondering if I still remembered it…. miraculously, I did! It took maybe 3 takes to make sure I could spit all those fast-paced German words out, but this piece which used to be such a challenge for me wasn’t too much for a struggle anymore. It’s amazing what decades of training and a little life perspective can do to one’s voice. 😉

Happy Halloween everyone!



Witch’s Song

The swallow flies the spring is victorious and gives us flowers for our wreaths. Soon we will scuttle softly out he door and fly to the magnificent dance. A black billy goat, a broomstick, the oven fork, the distaff, tear us along as swiftly as the lightning and wind through the roaring winds to the Brocken mountains. Around Beelzebub (the devil) we all dance and kiss his clawed hand. A swarm of ghosts takes us by the arm and swings torches in a dance. And Beelzebub promises the troupe of dancers gifts upon gifts. They will be beautiful. They will walk in silk and they dig up pots of gold. A fiery dragon flies around the roof and brings butter and eggs. The neighbors see the sparks fly and hold up a cross to ward off the fire. The swallow flies. The spring victorious. The flowers blossom on the wreath. Soon we will scuttle to the door. Hurray for the magnificent dance!


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