Tuneful Tuesday Week 77: Winter Song

I love Christmas. I really do. It gives me all the warm, fuzzy feelings. But, hidden amongst the wonderful memories of joyful Christmases spent with my loving mother are memories of fear, loneliness, and worry from Christmases that I had to spend away from her. I won’t get into the why or wherefore; but, I will say that each Christmas I had to spend away from her ripped my heart out as a child. I would stare out the window on Christmas Eve and look up at the stars and think that she might be looking at the same stars and thinking of me. (I was a big fan of the song “Somewhere out there” at the time……)

When I first heard this song by Sara Bareilles years ago, I felt like it was the song my heart was singing as I looked out that window on Christmas Eve missing my mom.

I feel that we’ve all had those special holidays where we couldn’t be with the ones we loved and this song beautifully incapsulates those mixed feelings of joy, love, and heartbreak that holidays sometimes bring.

For more holiday songs, mark your calendars now and come hear some traditional holiday standards, a few winter classical art songs, and a group sing-along at my annual holiday concert.

Merry And Bright

Sunday, December 16th

4:00 PM

St. Luke’s Church

5318 Palma Ave, Atascadero

$15 Suggested Donation


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