Fitness Friday Week 34: Beginning a Handstand Practice

Recently, one of the followers on my yoga for singers page asked me how to begin a handstand practice. In this video, I go through a few steps to get you into a handstand practice. Please take your time and move through the steps slowly without pushing yourself. It sometimes takes months or even years to build up the strength and balance to get into a full handstand. However, you can build a lot of strength simply by doing this prep work.

To begin: start in downward facing dog. Ground through your hands pressing into your finger pads, spreading your fingers, and suctioning through the center of your palms. Then raise one leg in the air while bending the other and start to kick up with the bent leg. Play around with kicking up both legs. Do several sets of these leg kicks and then rest. You might simply practice this for a few months.

Eventually, start kicking up near a wall and try to kick your straight leg up to that wall, bringing your other leg up as well. You can play with strengthening your arms in this wall-supported handstand.

If you want to branch out to playing in an unsupported handstand, bring one leg off the wall reaching straight up through the ball of your foot and stacking the ankle directly over the hip. Then, bend through the other leg placing the toes of the bent leg against the wall and play with floating those toes away from the wall for a few seconds before returning them.

Soon, you’ll be lifting both feet away from the wall.

Happy handstanding!


Tuneful Tuesday Week 58: What Good Would The Moon Be

These are the kinds of pieces that I adore! The amazing combo between classical voice and jazzy melodies make my heart (and voice) happy.

Tuneful Tuesday Week 57: The Golden Afternoon

Tuneful Tuesday Week 57: The Golden Afternoon

It’s Mother’s Day week at my mom’s flower shop. That means I’m dusting off my apron and helping out designing during my “off hours.” We get a little ridiculous during those long hours filled with heavy pollen counts…. thus, I give you, the Singing Snapdragon. 🤣

Tuneful Tuesday Week 56: How Far I’ll Go

Tuneful Tuesday Week 56: How Far I’ll Go

A few days ago it was my soon-to-be niece, Alice’s, 1st birthday. Moana is her favorite movie of all time. In her first year of life, she has likely watched the movie over 700 times.

So, this one is for you, sweet Alice. Happy Birthday!!!! 🎂

Fitness Friday Week 31: Leg Day

Legs steal the show of this week’s Fitness Friday video…. partly because this is a series of supine leg stretches, but also partly because I put my camera in the wrong place and you can’t see anything but my legs.

Put your back down on the ground and enjoy the great slow holds of this winding-down practice. It’s perfect as a pre-performance calming sequence or a post-performance cool down to help settle down the adrenaline.