Pursuit of Happiness

“When was the last time you danced alone just for fun? Do you remember the last time you sang simply because your heart was filled with joy? Or how about when you were so happy that you couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little as you walked down the street alone. What if happiness was our natural state? What if joyful was how we were meant to be?” -Kino MacGregor 

Today was a day like any other. I sang. I taught. I drove. I did yoga. I lived. And yet, it was a day unlike any other. On my drive to Los Angeles, I noticed the gentle flicker of sunlight radiating off the sea as the sun rose over the hills. I saw the reeds and grasses growing tall and waving in the wind. I enjoyed belting out tunes and dancing in the driver’s seat. At my voice lesson, I felt the resonance and strength of my voice. I witnessed my breath flowing in and out, awakening my energy and strength and allowing tone to form and grow. In the rehearsal for my upcoming performance with the Lompoc Pops Orchestra, I lost myself in the music. I saw myself not as a person but as an instrument, combining my voice with the other instrumentalists to form a perfect union of sound. Returning home after a long day, I saw the sun setting over the ocean and fill the clouded sky with color. In a day of singing and driving that would usually bring stress and anxiety, I found joy. I was happy. I smiled. I found peace in the everyday mundane. Life is good, so smile and enjoy it. 

#alowypblackandwhite: tree pose. Best friends and laughter brighten up even the darkest days. Be happy!