Love Thyself

 How often do we look upon our bodies with disgust? We glare at the lines left by a lifetime of smiles. We wince when seeing our large, muscular legs trying to fit into skinny jeans. We poke and prod our bellies wishing that the strong abs below the surface would show definition on the skin level. We shake our triceps counting the number of “jiggles” our arm flab creates. We are constantly berating our poor bodies and not seeing the strength beneath the surface. Our bodies, which heal themselves, keep us living, keep us breathing, do things that are seemingly impossible, and strive to do our bidding moment to moment, get nothing but harsh words and criticism from us. What if we offered love to the parts we hate most? What if we gave our slightly crooked nose a thank you for allowing us to smell such a beautifully scented flower? What if we appreciated the girth of our thighs for the fact that they keep us walking, running, jumping, and yogaing? What if we cultivated gratitude towards those fine lines for giving our faces expression over the years? What if we love our love handles for providing the breath support neccessary to sing our hearts out? What if we just dropped down on the side of the road and gave our knees a nuzzle? How would your body respond? How would your personality and self-confidence change? How would the world and the advertisement industry change if we suddenly began to love these bodies we’ve been gifted? So, give yourself a great, big hug, kiss your beautifully nubby knees, and love this body unconditionally. You only get one. 


  #detoxyobody challenge day 4: kiss your knee