Tuneful Tuesday Week 59: Taylor, The Latte Boy

Tuneful Tuesday Week 59: Taylor, The Latte Boy

This is one of those pieces that reminds you that classical singers (and composers) can still have a sense of humor.

My fiancé Brighton better watch out because I think I’m falling for Taylor, the latte boy. 😉



Tuneful Tuesday Week 58: What Good Would The Moon Be

These are the kinds of pieces that I adore! The amazing combo between classical voice and jazzy melodies make my heart (and voice) happy.

Tuneful Tuesday Week 57: The Golden Afternoon

Tuneful Tuesday Week 57: The Golden Afternoon

It’s Mother’s Day week at my mom’s flower shop. That means I’m dusting off my apron and helping out designing during my “off hours.” We get a little ridiculous during those long hours filled with heavy pollen counts…. thus, I give you, the Singing Snapdragon. 🤣


Tuneful Tuesday Week 56: How Far I’ll Go

Tuneful Tuesday Week 56: How Far I’ll Go

A few days ago it was my soon-to-be niece, Alice’s, 1st birthday. Moana is her favorite movie of all time. In her first year of life, she has likely watched the movie over 700 times.

So, this one is for you, sweet Alice. Happy Birthday!!!! 🎂


Tuneful Tuesday Week 55: Requiem for a Bear

My best friend growing up was my little teddy bear named Boo Bear. He had magnets in his cheeks and paws so he could hide and play peek-a-boo. I loved that bear and carried it everywhere with me. It sat next to me on airplanes as I made my bi-annual cross-country flights as an unaccompanied minor. I wrapped my arms around it every night as I slept. I cuddled it when I was sick or sad….well into high school. Poor Boo is all worn out, having gone through several surgeries and getting several stitches and clothing changes. But, he still lives on my shelf where I can give him a hug anytime I want to. I couldn’t imagine having to let him go; but, if I did, this is the kind of requiem he would deserve.

Tuneful Tuesday Week 54: La Vie En Rose

I’m in the process of excitedly planning our honeymoon trip to the UK, Ireland, and, of course, France. So, I’m dusting off my favorite French pieces to practice not being a “snooty” tourist. 😉

Edith Piaf is one of the most amazing singer/songwriters and I think I own every single record she has created. La Vie En Rose is such a beautiful, impassioned piece and I adore singing it.

Tuneful Tuesday Week 53: Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening

Some days are rough. You have a crisis of faith. Life kicks you down. When those days happen, I have to belt it out and release my emotion in song. This piece just spoke to me and my situation today and I felt so much better having let this go.