23 till I’m 30

I was blessed to visit with Heather, one of my best friends, yesterday. She and I have been connected at the hip since elementary school and we’ve seen eachother through bad times, worse times, and (of course) Disneyland times. I’m always so happy when I get my Heather time. As I get older, I am more and more grateful for those true friendships that carry you through decades of your life–those who have seen you through your chubby days, through your nerdy choral days, through your bad hair days, through your “awkward freshman in college” days, through bad decisions and major changes. The ones who stick by you when you are at your worst and celebrate you when you are at your best, those are the friends to keep around until you grow old and wrinkly… and even after. 😉

Heather and I will always share our own special sparkle motion…. even if we no longer have such fabulously sequined show choir dresses. 
In college it was easy to decide on a whim that you wanted to visit someone, go to a movie, or grab a bite to eat. All of your friends lived just a few blocks away. Unfortunately, now that we’ve all dispersed, my friends live in Texas, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oregon, and the like. I used to hate the fact that all of my friends live so far away from me, but I now consider it a blessing. Frankly, with all of my friends pursuing so many amazing dreams, careers, and life goals, even if we lived on the same block, we’d hardly ever see eachother. We’re all so busy making the world a better place. Now, I get to travel to cool places to visit people while truly treasuring the time we share together. We no longer take the precious hours we spend together for granted. And, the beauty is, I know that whenever we do make time to visit one enother it will be as if not a single day has gone by. We stay connected even if we go years without seeing one another in person. That is the sign of true friendship. I am so grateful to my friends near and far who keep me in their thoughts and in their hearts. We may be growing older, but we’re not growing further apart.