21 till I’m 30

As I near my 30’s, I am so grateful that my mother is still such a prominent part of my life. We are best friends, travel buddies, and shopping partners. She’s the first one I turn to when I need help, when I’ve had a bad day, or when I have exciting news. She’s the first one I check in with when I’m bored. She’s the first one I turn to when I need some perspective. 

This past summer we had the opportunity to travel together to Hawaii. It was just what we needed to reconnect after a difficult few years and I am so happy that we had this time together. I loved every moment, every hug, every cuddle and special memory we shared. 

A few of my friends have lost their moms, are now estranged, or just have bad relationships. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be so connected to this strong, brave woman. She is such an amazing role model and she teaches me everyday what it means to survive, thrive, overcome hardship, and keep a childlike innocence and excitement. 

I love every moment we spend together and I am so thankful that my mom will always be there for me, no matter what.