Tuneful Tuesday Week 90: Devlin’s Theme

Tuneful Tuesday Week 90: Devlin’s Theme

This piece by Andrea Dow was a real challenge to sight read. All of those hand crosses and big octaves kept me on my toes.


Tuneful Tuesday Week 89: Candle on the Water

Tuneful Tuesday Week 89: Candle on the Water

This is my favorite lesser-known Disney songs. This song truly spoke to me when I was a child and helped me to make it through the tumultuous tides of life.

Tuneful Tuesday Week 87: “Das Veilchen” by Mozart

Tuneful Tuesday Week 87: “Das Veilchen” by Mozart

A violet in the meadow stood,

with humble brow, demure and good,

it was the sweetest violet.

There came along a shepherdess

with youthful step and happiness,

who sang, who sang

along the way this song.

Oh! thought the violet, how I pine

for nature’s beauty to be mine,

if only for a moment.

for then my love might notice me

and on her bosom fasten me,

I wish, I wish

if but a moment long.

But, cruel fate! The maiden came,

without a glance or care for him,

she trampled down the violet.

He sank and died, but happily:

and so I die then let me die

for her, for her,

beneath her darling feet

Poor little violet.

It was the sweetest violet.

Tuneful Tuesday Week 85: The Parting Glass

Tuneful Tuesday Week 85: The Parting Glass

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and this is one of my favorite Irish tunes. The mixture of melancholy and nostalgia really speaks to my heart.