Tuneful Tuesday Week 73: Allerseelen (All Souls’ Day) by Strauss

Today is my birthday…. it also happens to be All Souls’ Day. My mom really wanted me to be born on Halloween, but I held out until All Souls’ Day: a day of remembrance when the souls of our departed loved ones are said to walk upon this earth. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been such an old soul. 😉

I’ve always had such a strong connection to this Strauss piece because every time I hear or sing it, I think “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!” so I thought it would be fitting to share a recording of it this year as an early “Tuneful Tuesday.”

Happy All Souls’ Day and Happy Birthday To Me!


“Place on the table the fragrant mignonettes, bring here the last red asters, and let us speak again of love, as long ago in May. Give me the hand that I may secretly clasp it, and if it is observed by others, I will not mind; Give me one of your sweet glances, as long ago in May. Today each grave is flowering and fragrant, once a year is All Souls’ Day, come to my heart that I again may have you, as long ago in May.”


Tuneful Tuesday Week 71: The Way I Am

When Brighton and I got married in August, I surprised him by singing our song—“The Way I Am.” Everything kind of went wrong when I tried to sing the piece…the backing track didn’t work so I had to stall for time while my lovely helpers tried to get it to work. Then I just gave up and sang it acapella. Then I realized that it’s really difficult to sing when you’re emotional. But, even through all that, Brighton said this was one of his favorite moments from the wedding because it was raw and real.

But, here’s how it would have sounded if the backing track worked and if I weren’t holding back tears….. or, let’s face it, not holding back tears because I was blubbering like a baby. 😉

This one is for you Brighton. Our love isn’t pretty; it isn’t perfect; but, it’s real. ❤️


Tuneful Tuesday Week 70: Everything Changes

It’s been a long time since I’ve created a Tuneful Tuesday. I took my little hiatus to get married, travel through Europe, record my annual Christmas album, and get my life back together. But, I’m finally back…

To commemorate the return of my Tuneful Tuesday, I’m sharing my favorite moment of being a singer—getting to dance with my mom at my wedding to a recording I made of our song. This piece from “The Waitress” is so special to us both and it perfectly represents our relationship. Also, as we were dancing, my mom told me that this song came on the radio when she was making my bridal bouquet….. it doesn’t get more perfect than that.