Embrace Your Core!

As singers, we’re taught that physical fitness is the key to our success when tackling the demands of stage acting while singing extremely demanding repertoire. We are told that a strong and flexible core can help create positive change in vocal strength, color, and overall quality. But, how do we create that abdominal strength without hindering our ability to fully relax the abdominal wall during inhalation? 

Through yoga core work, of course. 

Some of my greatest vocal breakthroughs have occurred after I’ve attempted a new yoga pose: building strength but also maintaining my flexibility. The short core series I complete in the video below is one of my latest challenges. Don’t be deceived; this is hard work! Eventually, you want to have your feel hovering off the ground, but I’m not there yet. 

To start series you’ll need a yoga block for each hand. If you don’t have a block, use a phone book or dictionary. If you have carpet floors I’d suggest you invest in furniture sliders for your feet. They add quite a bit of challenge to many physical postures and they are also quite handy to have around. If you have wood floors, a blanket, towel, or paper plates will work just fine. 

Begin by grounding the shoulders, pressing into your blocks, and lifting your bum off the ground. Maybe that’s what you work on for awhile. Once you are able to get yourself off the ground without tensing the shoulders, start to hug the belly in, rounding the back, and pull your straight legs back, gliding them across the floor. Complete a set of 5: inhaling to slide your legs forward while relaxing the abdominal wall and exhaling to slide your legs backward, engaging strongly. Complete as many sets as your strength will allow and then stretch it out with a soft backbend. 

(It also helps to have a little rain falling in the background.) 😉

Happy yoga-ing!